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The Data Protection & Privacy team of CMS Netherlands has a long standing practical experience of advising Dutch and international clients on data protection matters across a wide range of industries. Our approach combines thorough legal specialisation with expertise in sector and application-specific requirements and concepts that has been gained through our work. We provide support and advice on structuring business models in compliance with data protection regulations (privacy by design), enabling such models to be implemented in an environment where privacy and personal rights are becoming increasingly sensitive issues. Close international co-operation within the CMS Data Protection Group enables us to deal with issues at any European level.

Some areas we focus on:

  • Data protection-compliant structuring of business models and all internal/external processes which involve personal data of customers, employees or third parties.
  • Advising on the exchange or export of personal data.
  • Data protection issues in bringing IT or business processes to the cloud or in providing cloud services for customers.
  • Drafting processor agreements and BCR
  • Designing privacy policies and data protection strategies at group, corporate, departmental or process level, including works council and collective employment law aspects.
  • Advice on (technical) aspects of system data protection and on related legal issues in connection with the acquisition, creation, use and analysis of information / big data.
  • Dealing with and representation before Data Protection Authority and other public bodies.
  • Assistance in the event of a cybersecurity breach or other crisis involving actual or alleged data protection violations within the company.

We have gained experience in coaching the legal side of data protection projects and issues for clients in many different industries, such as the financial services, health care & life sciences, IT and telecoms, consumer goods, real estate (investment management) and hotels & leisure industries.

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Data Law Nav­ig­at­or | Over­view
100% se­cur­ity does not ex­ist. Now more than ever or­gan­isa­tions of all shapes and sizes should pay at­ten­tion to their data pri­vacy and cy­ber se­cur­ity. Un­pre­ced­en­ted num­bers are now work­ing from home, thus rais­ing ex­pos­ure to cy­ber se­cur­ity prob­lems and more com­plex data pro­tec­tion im­plic­a­tions.Wheth­er head­line worthy or not, we know that cy­ber in­cid­ents and breaches of data pro­tec­tion reg­u­la­tion have the po­ten­tial to cause an or­gan­isa­tion sig­ni­fic­ant dis­rup­tion of op­er­a­tions, dam­age to repu­ta­tion, and the risk of fines and losses. Pre­par­a­tion, in­clud­ing un­der­stand­ing the reg­u­lat­ory land­scape, con­tin­ues to be key.The CMS Data Law Nav­ig­at­or is an over­view of data pro­tec­tion and cy­ber se­cur­ity laws in over 30 coun­tries lis­ted be­low. The con­tent will be peri­od­ic­ally up­dated but, giv­en the con­stantly evolving laws in this area, we can­not guar­an­tee the con­tent is com­plete and ac­cur­ate.Vis­it the CMS Data Pro­tec­tion In­sight page to see more of our tools and re­lated pub­lic­a­tions.Vis­it a coun­try pro­fileme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­umme­di­um 
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Data Law Nav­ig­at­or | Over­view
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